Sunday, August 3, 2008


Indigo, the dreams are coming again.

I was stupid--I thought after the Reunion, they might actually go away. I hadn't Seen in at least a month, not since right before the attack on Star-Meadow. But tonight, after my walk around the fires with Madeleine, I dreamed again. And it's worse now, Indigo. Worse because I don't know what it means, and worse because I'm not sure I want to.

Something's wrong, Indigo.

I saw Children in my dream tonight--Children of the Wood, just like us. I know that's what they were. But something was wrong with them. They were in warpaint, and it was smeared, and they had dirty hair and faces. They were everywhere, moving through the night, clutching weapons and snarling. They kept calling to each other in what sounded like Wood-Speak, but it was... unclean. They were howling, stealing into the village, slipping into the huts of other Children while they slept, and even though I couldn't see what they were doing, I could hear them. I swear I can still hear them. I'm scared, Indigo.

I saw a face I knew. He... he wasn't the same as before. He was worse now. He was laughing. He's still laughing. Stonewood. I think he's out there, somewhere. And I don't think that this is just a dream.

It's barely after sunrise. I can't sleep. It's cool outside the hut, and Wintergreen's still in her hammock. She keeps snoring, but most of the time I can sleep through that. But now I don't want to sleep. It's too early to be up, Indigo. I'm still scared--I'm shaking. He had a knife to my throat, Indigo. I've thought I was going to die before, but not like this. I need to talk to Misha. I need to talk to Madeleine.

Something's wrong. I can feel it. This wasn't a fluke, Indigo. I wish you here. You're never here.